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Past Retreats

Retreat, “a place of refuge, seclusion, or privacy".  A wellness retreat allows you to remove yourself from the daily routines, stresses, responsibilities and rush of it all.  It’s a time to reconnect, let the mind wander and welcome inner silence.  Jaycee offers various powerful, potent and life changing healing retreats around the world.

Cufitra: Bare Naked Retreat 

November 11-17, 2016| Florablanca Hotel, Costa Rica

FEEL GOOD NAKED + Change the way you think and feel about fitness and your body.

You will learn processes to create a life that you love as you unplug, reflect and recharge. A week of intentional movement, spa treatments, lectures, personalized training, yoga, breathing, and muscle activation, will leave you feeling relaxed, revitalized, invigorated and inspired to be your best self.

Renowned fitness and lifestyle coaches Jaycee Gossett & Jill Payne, are excited to bring you an exclusive, luxury, week-long experience at the fabulous Florblanca Hotel in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. The experience is hosted by Cufitra, a luxury retreat curator that focuses on wellness, healthy living, fitness, and adventure in the world’s most coveted destinations. 




Jungle Alchemy Life Empowerment 

February 2016 | Cabuya, Costa Rica

Join Jaycee & Liz Lindh, on a vision quest designed to inspire & empower you, in the healing jungles of Costa Rica, at The Sanctuary At Two Rivers. A week of Yoga, Fitness, Dance, Adventure, Surfing, & Nature await you.

Goddess Retreat: Sacred Dance, Yoga, & Acai Bowls

March 2016 | Ilha Grande, Brazil

Join Jaycee & Ksenia Lova, creator of Breakfast Criminalsfor an exotic pilgrimage to the island of Ilha Grande in Brazil. Discover the divine wild feminine within with a week of superfoods, yoga, dance circles, journaling, beach excursions, and goddess invocation.

                                                                  Experience The Goddess Retreat

Vacation is about escaping. Retreat is about arriving.
— Kevin Baxley