Innovative Fitness Instructor  |  International Wellness Retreat Leader  |  Award Winning Competitive Dancer  |  Television Host + Producer.

Jaycee lives a 360 degree life of mindful, physical and spiritual empowerment. Her approach to movement will help you discover new found strength, expression, and focus. She will lead you to a deeper connection within yourself and your life.


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There is a magical essence to Jaycee that must be experienced to be fully understood and appreciated. I’ve experienced it in taking her super powered and high energy classes, working introspectively with her one-on-one, hiking through the jungle and meditating on the beach at her life-changing retreats. Jaycee’s deep understanding of movement and wellness, her insightfulness, warmth, humor and caring, have made me physically, emotionally and spiritually stronger.
— Saul H. Finkelstein, Partner Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP