Dance the World

Jaycee created, hosted and produced a travel dance series called, "Dance The World".  With Dance as her lens, Jaycee traveled the world experiencing many different cultures. Step-by-step, dance-by-dance, in celebrations and in hardships, Jaycee moved her way from exotic lands like Cuba and Brazil to Cambodia and Africa, from Polynesia to Europe and all the way around the US. She connected with people all over the world, by way of learning their respective dances to deeply understand the history, culture and essence that each dance form is birthed.  Jaycee believes in the innate power and freedom that Dance brings and how each Dance tells a story. Her show was  picked up by Travel Channel and aired as one of their highest rated specials.    


                Dance The World : Sizzle 

              Dance The World : Brazil 

Mind Body Go

Jaycee teamed up with fellow lifestyle hosts, Alyson Charles and Sonia Baghdady to create, the health and wellness series, "Mind Body Go".  Together, they took on the New York City health and fitness scene to share exclusive first looks at the hottest wellness trends and niche workouts. You can view their Mind Body Go series on Amazon Prime.


The Juice on Z Living TV

Jaycee joined, the panel of wellness experts on the Live, National television show, "The Juice", on Z Living TV.  Jaycee was recruited as the Show’s resident wellness & fitness expert. Each episode included a workout, dance segment, a healthy new how-to recipe and a celebrity interview.