Goddess Retreat to Brazil with Jaycee + Breakfast Criminals - 3/3/17 - 3/10/17 Ilha Grande, Brazil

Join us for an exotic pilgrimage to the Wild Feminine Power within you

March 3-10, 2017 | Ilha Grande, Brazil


Named one of "The 11 best wellness retreats in the world right now" by Well+Good! 

A retreat… 

like you’ve never been on before.

A transformation…

that takes the way you nurture and nourish your body and your soul to a whole new level.

An experience… 

that you cherish, cultivate  and then bring home with you into your everyday life.

A week of radical enchantment awaits you.



We invite you to join us at a vibrant tropical island sanctuary in Brazil to explore joyful movement of the body, healing nourishment with superfoods, magical power through ritual, and sweet connection to mother Earth. Expect to connect to ancient female wisdom, honor your inner Goddess and elevate every aspect of being fully alive. We invite you to open your heart and your mind for direct access to your internal wisdom and let in nourishment, and ultimately the exact life  life you envision. Gathering in women’s circles, we will honor the new moon in Pisces on March 9. Ruled by Neptune, this is a time that supports special attention to  the subconscious , bringing forth energy of opening to the Divine Presence, surrendering to the flow of life, and trusting that the path you are on is in fact,  just the right one. We will use the time to create and project a vision of  the world we wish to inhabit and what we can contribute towards realizing that highest vision.

"Vacation is about escaping. Retreat is about arriving."

-Kevin Baxley

Spend a week in tropical paradise with us as we cultivate the wildly powerful Feminine within us through:VISIONING

Daily intentions, guided meditation, self-inquiry and journaling.


Freedom-provoking Vinyasa flow and healing expansion through intuitive tribal dance.


Connect with the Earth and  lush local nature via  the ultimate healing power of plants and intentional essential oil therapy.

Escape the daily hustle and give yourself space to focus on what matters… and then return back into your life and feel the space you just created for joy, expansion, and soulful abundance.LOCATION


Island Retreat Eco-Friendly Sitio, our home for six nights, is hidden in a forest just steps behind a beautiful quiet beach. Pure and pristine, it will allow you to relax, reset and feel taken care of.

The Sitio is perched above the Abraãozinho beach, a 10-minute walk from the island's main village, Abraão. The village is also accessible by 25-minute walk on a path through the Atlantic rainforest (a beautiful walk, passing several beaches on the way).

The property is constructed from recycled wood. Energy is derived from solar panels, and a biologic filter system is used for water treatment. Organic waste is composted. Careful landscaping preserves and develops native plant species. Everyone involved with the Sitio are members of traditional families in the community that are invested in the preservation of the local coastal culture and history.

Jaycee Gossett and Ksenia Avdulova| Photo by Tiara Marei


Wake up every morning with the view of the Blue Lagoon - one of the most breathtaking places on the island and start your day by creating space for the magic to unfold. Morning meditation will be followed by Vinyasa flow and a superfood breakfast made with love from the most nutritiously rich, delicious and nourishing ingredients. Yes, you’ll actually get to eat the famous smoothie bowls that you’ve seen on @breakfastcriminals. In the afternoon, you will enjoy free time to reflect, write, and rest. Enjoy a book on the beach, go kayaking, explore the rainforest or indulge your senses at the sauna. Evenings will bring us together for century-old circles where we will share, connect, shed, and be reborn through sacred movement led by Jaycee Gossett. Find out more about Jaycee and the ways she heals the world through movement.


Jaycee Gossett and Ksenia Avdulova| Photo by Tiara Marei


  • "I took my first class from Jaycee Gossett, and it completely changed everything. I have never felt that lightness around my heart space before." - Annie C.
  • "I feel so blessed to have experienced the potent, fiery energy of the Goddess Awakening circle co-led by Ksenia and Jaycee. Coming together with sisters in this age-old practice carries an immense amount of power, that words can't fully express." - Andrea N.
  •  "Jaycee is doing something seriously amazing for women. She is teaching us how to get into our bodies! YES! To really see them, move them and allow them to be part of you. This is the only way to loving yourself." -Robyn Y.
  • "Thank you for a transformative Goddess Awakening event!"  - Persiana B.
  • "Jaycee can help you not only dance the way you have dreamed but help facilitate new patterns in relationships through movement." — Alison Sinatra
  • "Jaycee is a force. Attending The Class transformed my ability to focus and quickly became an essential part of my Sunday routine. She is approachable, talented, and genuine." - Amanda Peyton
  • "So much dancing, sweating, releasing. So much love!" -AnnaBelle B.


  •      6 divine nights staying at Island Retreat Eco-Sitio enclosed by a dense rainforest
  •      Private or Shared room and bath
  •  Goddess movement circles with internationally acclaimed dance instructor Jaycee Gossett
  •      Superfood acai bowl-making class made with “The Queen of Acai Bowls”, Breakfast Criminals' Ksenia Avdulova
  •   Nourishment that awakens the senses: natural cuisine including three meals,mineral water and snacks every day including raw probiotic chocolate from Windy City Organics
  •   Daily meditation, yoga class (morning) and movement/dance class (evening)
  •   Sacred Moon ritual
  •   Sacred fire ceremony of releasing and clearing
  •   Unlimited access to open air yoga studio
  •   Goddess Beauty Ritual Day: A day of pampering where you will learn how to use fresh fruit, vegetables, plants, superfoods and Aura Cacia essential oils to nourish our bodies
  •   A day boat ride and cruise to a stunning beach, Lopes Mendes
  • BONUS: Every participant gets a Goddess Goodie Bag including Sakara Life superfood snacks, Organic Bath body oil,  Philosophie Moon Satchel & Superfood Protein.
  • Parsley Health



Not included: 

  • One-on-one sessions with Jaycee and Ksenia
  • Airfare to Rio