Photography Credit: Maggie Rife Ponce

The Connection Art Project

Experience the resulting multi-media culmination, called The Connection Art Project, showcasing photography from photojournalist Maggie Rife Ponce, fusion collage art by cultural artist Agustina Diez Sierra and a 20-minute dance documentary by Jaycee Gossett. 

Jaycee, Agustina, & Maggie traveled to the Philippines to explore its food, people, dance and art. Upon their return to the U.S., the trio expressed the connection they made with the Philippines  through film, photos, 3-D collage work and dance, via exhibitions around Chicago and Argentina.

They have just completed their second film, "La Oveja Negra", where Jaycee travels with Agustina back to her home town of Salta, Argentina to explore the Argentinian culture, immerse herself in the Tango and help Agustina reconnect with her family and her roots. 

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